About Us

Gurkha Millennium Multi-Purpose Co-operative Ltd.(GMMC) was set up in 21 Kartik 2057 on the basis of principles and theories of co-operative by the real British Gurkhali group i.e. mainly the retired or Ex-British Gurkha Army and Singapore Police along with the involvement of their families. It was established with the purpose of offering swift, convenient and consistent services through the innovation of investment opportunities in the global economy, social, educational, and cultural and other various industries and business sectors leading to the raise in self employment.


•    To run the organization by the Ex-British Gurkha Army in a flexible and practical way.
•    To encourage the Ex-British Gurkha Army to invest their income of hard work and loyalty earned during their service in a right place.
•    To discourage the habit of miscellaneous expenses in order to ensure and secure the future of family.
•    Creating self employment performing own business.
•    To explore the investment opportunities according to the country’s state of affairs by developing mutual understanding and co-operation in the British Gurkha community.
•    To manage loans to the ones in need of.
•    To run various programs,and schemes with the participation of the share holders for the individual, community, society as well as the economic and social development of the nation.
•    To activate the members in skillful, productive, social and economical activities through their deposits.
•    To assist in operating the industries and plants through the mobilization of various materials and resources available in the community.
•    To present an innovative model of saving through Khutruke Saving.
•    To encourage the share holders being independent by directing them to self employment.


  • Credit Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Account Department